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The Artists´Association of Prijedor announces:

COMPETITION for the annual international award “Paola deManincor" for the best mural in Prijedor for 2019.


The city of Prijedor keeps for more than fifteen years working relationships with Trento, city of the Italian region of Trentino Alto Adige. This collaboration is also in the organization of this competition, which began in 2013, annually, entitled



International award "Paola de Manincor"  


Judged and chosen by a qualified jury.

The first mural in Prijedor was realized by Trentino’s artist, born in Lavis, Province of Trento, Paola de Manincor, on the facade of the Electronic High School Prijedor in 1998 with the children living in refugee centers in Prijedor area. In order to pay homage to the artist, by establishing this competition, the Association of Artists of Prijedor, invites the participating artists to submit their works.

1. Duration and eligibility criteria

The competition is open from May 20th and will be opened until July 21st.


The right for participation is reserved to those who send their proposals within the deadline indicated above and who complete the conditions indicated under point 2 of this competition.

2. Application validity

The proposals for the competition must be sent to the following e-mail address of the Association:



The proposal must contain:



a. Filled and signed application form (required)

b. Mural proposal :  high-resolution photos (minimum 300px for length and 300dpi for width) in JPG or PNG format. (Required)


c . Additional material (catalogs, photos of previous work, professional reference etc. - optional)


The proposal should not be older than three years.



Each participating artist may submit up to three proposals;


Proposals must be submitted all together via email.


Incomplete applications or irregular will not be considered. In case of any doubts or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


The Association is committed to safeguarding the collected personal information of the applicants.


The competition does not have a determinate theme and all valid proposals will be treated equally.

4. Expert jury and preselection

The winning proposal is selected by an expert jury appointed by the organizers.


The Artists´   Association of Prijedor reserves the right to eliminate any proposal in the preselection period without prior notice and with no consequent explanation if the proposals do not abide to terms and conditions defined under the Section 2 of this Call.

5. Prize and conditions

The annual international award for the best mural in Prijedor “Paola de Manincor"  for year 2019 consists of plaques and a prize fund of

3000 BAM (approximately 1500 euro) (net). 


The winner of the competition will be given the opportunity to paint his proposal on a public area in central zone of Prijedor.


The realization of the mural will take place during the summer period and not after the 30th of September in Prijedor. By participating in this competition you confirm your availability in this period of time. Further conditions, timing and modes of operation will be agreed with the winning artist. 


The Association of artists of Prijedor will cover the cost of food and accommodation of the winning artist, incurred in Prijedor for the period required to carry out the work, as well as working materials and conditions ( colors, tool, assistance etc.)


The Association, for reasons of unpredictable forces, may suspend or postpone the execution of the murals, reserving the possibility of not awarding the prize.

6. Mural facade 2019

The size of this year´s facade is approximately 43 square meters which makes it the smallest facade we ever had in the competition. It is located in the central town´s are, between the Kozara Museum and the central police station in the Nikola Pasica Street. See the map below for more accuracy:


Foto gallery and dimensions:

7. Additional information

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to contact us.


For more information about competition and to stay up to date make sure you visit and follow our facebook page:

Associazione artisti di Prijedor / Artists´ Association of Prijedor

 Nikole Pašića bb  (Muzej Kozare)

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